Sunday, May 1, 2016

This was included in the recent Scottish PEN 'PENning Peril' issue. For full magazine click on


Naa, ma wee lamb, naa,
yir mammy wisnae screamin,
she wis lauchin
at the funny story
the men telt her.
It wis that funny
she hud tae lauch and lauch
till the tears cam tae her een
and the men tuik her awaa
for mair stories.

We’re aa gaan,
you and me and the neebors
but no yir daddy,
he hus tae byde ahin.

It’ll be a lang journey
traivellin throu the nicht.
In the morn ye’ll see the sea.

Snuggle doon,
lay yir heid on ma knee

and Ah’ll sing tae ye.

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