Sunday, December 9, 2012

Some Scottish tomfoolery for Christmas. I enjoyed writing this.


Ye ken aboot Mary and Joseph
And the Babe, and the Wise Men three,
And the Ox and the Ass and the Shepherds,
But ye dinnae ken ocht aboot me.

See – Ah’m the dug in the manger,
Ah’m fou o envy and spite,
So they say – but dinnae believe them
Fur they arenae tellin it right.

Ah’m juist an adorable puppy,
An affable, amiable chap,
Ah wag ma tail and Ah lift ma paw
And Ah lowp intae Joseph’s lap.

Ah skrech wi the choir o angels,
Ah skirl wi the heavenly band,
Ah snuggle in Mary’s apron
And Ah lick Baby Jesus’s hand.

Ah growl at the Three Kings’ camels
Freenly-like, so they’ll no gan astray,
And Ah snarl at Herod’s sodgers
Tae send them the opposite way.

On cairds ye see pictures o beasties,
The coo and the donkey and mair
Gaithered aroun the Christ Child,
Aa except me. It’s no fair –

    Woof woof,
    Yir ain wee

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